Corporate and Business Law

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Corporate and Business Law

At Dixon Legal LLP we pride ourselves on offering excellent legal services to our corporate clients at reasonable rates. We offer a variety of services and our experienced corporate legal team will work with you to address all your corporate legal needs.


Often when one is considering starting a new business, choosing an appropriate structure to carry on the business is one of the first and most important tasks. Through our extensive experience, we will provide the options available to you to choose and organize the appropriate legal structure.

Registered Office

We act for a broad spectrum of corporate clients from sole shareholder businesses through corporations with carryon business throughout Canada. We act as the registered and record keeping office for over 300 corporations to ensure their corporations are properly maintained and that the receive notice of any legal matters that may arise.

Are you considering purchasing an existing business or perhaps considering selling a company? Call Dixon Legal LLP today and allow us to draw on our extensive experience to pave the way to a smooth and profitable transaction. We have acted for a wide array of clients with family run businesses throughout many different sectors. We have also acted for large corporations with substantial assets. Regardless of the client our approach to is ensure our clients complete understanding of a potential sale or purchase and to provide meticulous attention to detail is given to all aspects of a commercial sale or purchase.

Corporate Transactions

We have extensive experience in acting on a wide variety of purchase and sale transactions Regardless of the type of contract if your business is considering entering into a new or unfamiliar contract or agreement, it is highly advisable for your protection to have your legal team review either draft it or review it prior to execution. Since our firm’s founding in 1983, our corporate team has amassed a multitude of experience in drafting various contracts for business.

Corporate Minute Books

We represent a wide variety of businesses, large and small, in the preparation and maintenance of their corporate minute books. This ensures that all your companies vital records are recorded and any changes or amendments relating to the corporate structure, directors, shareholders are properly made. At Dixon Legal LLP, we approach all our client’s minute books with meticulous consideration. This aspect of a business can often be overlooked by business owners and operators as they are understandably preoccupied with the day to day operations of running their business. However, ensuring this information is accurate and up to date is crucial in many instances. For example, this information is vital if you are seeking a loan for your business and should you consider selling your business. We provide corporate minute book services to ensure your company is in compliance with Federal and Provincial legislation and that accurate company records are kept for when you need them. Contact Dixon Legal LLP today to discuss your corporate minute legal needs today.

Annual Returns

Starting any form of corporate entity comes along with specific procedural obligations. One of those obligations is filing annual returns, also known as corporate filings. Having all companies within the Province of Alberta file annual returns allows the government to maintain adequate and up to date records on corporate entities operating within the Province. The implications of failing to properly file your annual returns can be significant.  If you elect to have us represent your company as its’ registered office, you won’t even have to think about annual returns. We will file on your behalf and send you a concise reporting package detailing all relevant changes to the key information required in an annual filing. Give us a shout today and let us lighten your load and dedicate your time to what’s really matters, growing your business.

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