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Onkar Kalsi B.A. LL. B - Student-at-law

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Onkar Kalsi is one of the newest member of Dixon Legal LLP. He earned his LL.B. at the University of Sussex in Brighton, U.K. Onkar was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and recently moved out to Calgary to complete his articling and has intentions of expanding Dixon Legal LLP’s areas of practice to include Criminal Defence. Kalsi has more than 5 years experience in Criminal Defence and his approach to advocacy of clients could not be described as anything other than passionate, assertive and fierce. As a law clerk for various firms back in Toronto, he worked a number of significant cases with offences ranging from minor regulatory infractions to homicide files. We look forward to seeing his career develop and welcome Kalsi to Dixon LLP family.

Onkar obtained his law degree from the University of Sussex and was a part of the university volleyball team, leading them into the playoffs. His other hobbies include street basketball and a good night out in the city to unwind.

Kalsi takes pride in providing personalized attention to every client and enjoys the adversarial process. His experience in the Justice system, legal acumen of criminal law and with judicious negotiation skills gets you the best possible outcome.


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