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Litigation Law

While our team strives to achieve swift, amicable and cost-effective legal solutions for all our clients, sometimes, recourse to the courts is inevitable. We have a strong history of delivering vigorous and effective representation in pursuit of our client’s best interests in a multitude of judicial proceedings.

Real Estate Litigation

In some circumstances in both residential and commercial real estate transactions, complications arise and litigation may be the last available form of recourse. At Dixon Legal LLP our experienced and effective litigation team is ready to effectively represent you on any number of contentious issues surrounding real property. Some areas of real estate litigation we have represented clients on include easements, development appeals, breach of contract, construction disputes, builders liens, failure to disclose, foreclosures and landlord & tenant disputes. Our litigation team will explore all potential avenues of recourse with you and choose the most appropriate course of action which best protects your interests.

Corporate Litigation

At Dixon Legal LLP we are well-equipped to hand legal disputes between partners, shareholders and investors or alternatively other companies, organizations and various branches of government. Whether your commercial entity is a potential Plaintiff or Defendant in a pending legal conflict, our corporate litigation team has an impressive track record of achieving optimal outcomes for our corporate clients.

We strive to take a proactive approach to circumstances which may lead to corporate litigation. Addressing issues them in their infancy can often lead to preferable outcomes for our clients and even opposing parties. Disputes can often be resolved without court intervention and circumvent expensive and drawn-out legal proceedings. For that reason, if you foresee a potential legal issue that concerns your business or a business that you’re involved, don’t hesitate to contact our corporate litigation team today. We will work alongside you to develop a cost-effective and sensible legal strategy to address the issue and your companies’ goals.


Have you or a business you are involved in provided a good or service for which you have not been paid? Our team at Dixon Legal LLP assist you in understanding your options and potential avenues of recourse. Time is of the essence with these matters and it is advantageous to take a pro-active approach to avoid any problems with limitation periods. Contact us today to discuss.

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