Since Dixon Legal LLP was founded in Okotoks in 1983, real estate law has been a cornerstone of our practice. Thousands of successful transactions have allowed us to cultivate the experience and expertise necessary to deliver first-class legal services to our clients in a broad range of real estate law matters. We strive to ensure that you are educated and aware throughout the entire process and that your transaction is completed seamlessly and on-time.

Should any issues arise at any stage of the real estate process we have the depth of experience to effectively handle all issues. Whether you are purchasing your first home, or a seasoned developer building an elaborate condo project, trust Dixon Legal LLP to successfully handle all your real estate legal needs.

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For many, buying or selling residential property can be a stressful process. It often constitutes the single largest financial transaction a person will make in their life and most are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the conveyancing process. At Dixon Legal LLP, we understand this. and we’re here to help. Regardless of whether you are purchasing or selling an acreage, house, condo, recreational or investment property mobile home, we stand ready to effectively assist you through every step of your real estate transaction. Our experienced real estate team aims to deliver effective, timely legal services that will surpass your expectations at reasonable rates.



There are numerous reasons that result in people refinancing their mortgages. Many people are offered preferable or favourable mortgage terms when their mortgage comes up for renewal. Others do so for tax-based or accounting purposes. Some open a home equity line of credit for a variety of purposes including investing, large purchases or unexpected expenses. Whatever the reason may be for refinancing your mortgage, the real estate Law team at Dixon Legal LLP has the experience to ensure that your mortgage refinancing is structured in a way that best benefits you and your goals.



At Dixon Legal LLP, our experienced Real estate Law team is ready to assist you with all your commercial real estate legal needs. Our Real estate Law team has assisted corporate clients from a wide range of industries in commercial conveyancing of real property including bare land, office space condos, shopping complexes, resource-based income-generating properties and many more. Our team has ample experience and expertise in commercial real estate transactions and we’re ready to help you with all your commercial real estate needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact Dixon Legal LLP with any inquiries you may have.



At Dixon Legal LLP we are ready to assist you with all your land development and subdivision legal needs. Over the years, Charles Dixon, the original founder of the firm has cultivated a passion for responsible land development. This passion and experience carries over to all facets of land development including planning, development, land use, zoning, bylaws, permits and liability issues. We frequently deal with development and subdivision branches of many different municipalities and have worked with various developers, builders, businesses and individuals to assist in creating a strategy to allow them to achieve their land development goals. Whether you are an individual seeking to subdivide a small acreage or a developer seeking approval on an ambitious residential or commercial development, Dixon Legal LLP is highly qualified and the right choice of firm to help you achieve your development goals.



Are you considering construction of a custom-built home with a builder? There is a significant amount of contentious litigation that arises from this area and if adequate legal protections are not in place the consequences can be severe. We highly advise seeking legal advice prior to entering into any contract or commencing any construction. Our team at Dixon Legal LLP is well versed in this area and can educate and assist you throughout the entire process. We offer many legal services associated with new home construction to protect you and your assets. We can negotiate and draft all contracts involved in a build. We can ensure you fully understand the intricate aspects of construction (draw) mortgages and assist with negotiation if required. We can help you deal with your local municipality, understand environmental restrictions and obligations, and builders lien holdbacks. In the event that contentious issues arise during any point in the construction and result in litigation, we stand ready to act as zealous advocates on your behalf.



At Dixon Legal LLP we have a strong history of providing effective and efficient legal advocacy to many local builders and developers. We offer many legal services including contract negotiation and drafting, builders liens, development and subdivision applications and appeals, rezoning, commercial lending for lenders and borrowers, litigation and more. Whether you are a small local builder or pursuing an aggressive development Dixon Legal LLP has the right experience, relationships and ability to meet your legal needs and surpass your expectations.



At Dixon Legal LLP our experienced team is well-equipped to handle all your legal needs in the event of a foreclosure. We have a strong history of advocating for both lenders and borrowers in default of a mortgage in a variety of transactions both residential and commercial. When acting for a lender our foreclosure team will draw on your guidance and our vast foreclosure experience to choose the best course of action with the highest probability of recovering the funds in arrears.

When acting for a borrower in default we aim to take a proactive approach. This includes ensuring our client is aware of his or her rights in the event of a foreclosure, negotiating with the lender to come to an agreement regarding payment of arrears and to use all legal tools at our disposal to allow the borrower in default to remain in the property. Our foreclosure team at Dixon Legal LLP will use all tools at their disposal to ensure an optimal outcome in our client’s best interests.



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