Real Estate Transactions

What You Can Expect from Dixon Legal LLP in a Real Estate Transaction

Practice Principles

All Transactions:

  • Communication and writing and prompt return of all correspondence and telephone calls;
  • Clients meet with the lawyer, not the assistant;
  • Fee quote with disbursements and GST in writing;
  • Open communication with your realtor to update them on any issues that may arise.

Sale Transactions:

  • Sit down meeting with the lawyer explaining all matters related to your sale and to discuss any issues that may arise;
  • Net sale proceeds will be direct-deposited to your bank by 1:00 pm the day of closing;
  • Your mortgage will be paid out the day of closing to any of the five big banks/credit unions so you will not incur any per diem interest charges on a late payout of your mortgage.  Mortgages that must be paid out in Toronto (MCAP, First National, Street Capital, Merix, and the like will be paid out by Purolator Courier to minimize any per diem payment.

Purchase Transactions:

  • A face to face sit down attendance at our office with a lawyer from our firm explaining all documentation related for your purchase mortgage transaction;
  • Confirmation from our office that all matters requiring completion by the seller pursuant to the contract are finalized or a holdback amount is negotiated;
  • 24 hours prior to possession we confirm with the lender the mortgage will fund as required;
  • Prompt distribution of the cash to close ensuring timely release of the keys.
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